Sainz’s engine failure’ very similar’ to Azerbaijan

Michelle Foster
Ferrari's Carlos Sainz runs away from his burning car after engine failure. Spielberg, July 2022.

Ferrari's Carlos Sainz runs away from his burning car after engine failure. Spielberg, July 2022.

Out of the Austrian GP as his Ferrari power unit exploded, Mattia Binotto says Carlos Sainz’s engine issue is “very similar” to the problem experienced in Baku.

Ferrari have, at least according to their rivals, the most powerful engine on the grid but it is fast proving to be the most unreliable.

That has already meant engine penalties for Charles Leclerc at the Canadian Grand Prix, the Monégasque driver onto his fourth PU after his Azerbaijan problems.

That same race his team-mate Sainz suffered a hydraulics issue, the Spaniard’s retirements due to PU problems now up to three – Spain, ​​Baku and Austria.

“It seems something very similar to what happened in Azerbaijan, in Maranello we are working hard to find a fix,” Binotto told Corriere dello Sport.

“We have a powerful engine and this gives me hope for the future. We are working hard to solve the problems.”

Sunday’s failure means Sainz will most likely take a fourth power unit at the next race, the French Grand Prix.

While Binotto says Ferrari are working on a fix, one that he hopes will be around in the “medium-term”, right here and right now Ferrari need to manage the problem as it is.

“These are problems that are worrying for the next races,” Binotto continued, “not in the medium-term because I am convinced that as a team we will be able to solve them.

“We have a very performing engine and this gives me hope for the future when we have found a way to make it solid as well.

“Resolutions of this type need time, it is necessary to design new components, produce them, homologate them for reliability. A few weeks are not enough.

“In the short-term we will try to manage it in terms of mileage.”

With the bulk of Ferrari’s retirements this season coming from engine failures, they are trailing Red Bull in both championships.

While Leclerc, who won in Austria, is 38 points behind Max Verstappen, Ferrari with 303 points trail Red Bull by 56.

Binotto is adamant all is not lost.

“It is obvious that we still believe in both World Championships, drivers and manufacturers,” the Italian insisted.

“This car has shown in all the races that it is competitive and looking at all the stages that remain to be raced, we have to believe it. We are a fierce team from every point of view: technician, drivers, men at pit stops.”

Sainz wasn’t the only Ferrari-powered driver to suffer problems at the Red Bull Ring.

Valtteri Bottas started the race in his Ferrari-powered Alfa Romeo from the back of the grid due to engine penalties while Kevin Magnussen’s performance on Sunday hamstrung by his Haas’ engine troubles.


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