Sainz dreaming of ‘equality’ in F1 racing

Michelle Foster
Carlos Sainz McLaren 2020


Spending his down time watching old F1 seasons, Carlos Sainz is dreaming of a day when the playing field is more level.

Since 2014 only three teams – Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull – have won grands prix.

That has led to a growing chorus of voices crying ‘boring’ with McLaren driver Fernando Alonso saying F1’s predictable results and the gap to the top three is what led to him walking away from the sport.

But it wasn’t always like that.

In 2013 four teams won races with Lotus on that list while the year before, a somewhat crazy 2012 season, six teams won grands prix.

That season seven different drivers also won the first seven races.

Sainz is looking forward to the day Formula 1 again has more than three teams fighting at the front.

“I have a hard time sleeping and at night I am watching races and things from other years,” he told Spanish daily AS.

“I saw the entire 2012 season on mobile and I was impressed with the equality.

“Not long ago that F1 was a more equal sport with Maldonado, Perez, Grosjean, Raikkonen, both McLaren, both Ferrari, both Mercedes winning and fighting for poles.

“It can be achieved again in the near future.”

The sport had hoped to achieve that through a host of new regulations for 2021, which would have included a move to ground-effect aerodynamics.

Those rules, though, have been put on hold until 2022.

F1 is still pressing ahead with a budget cap for 2021 with that hope that will level the playing field a bit.

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