Carlos Sainz reveals his main F1 2024 car wish and win tally target

Jamie Woodhouse
Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari garage at the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari garage.

Carlos Sainz has set a clear Ferrari target of producing an F1 2024 challenger that will give him the belief he can win at every race.

Ferrari had been hoping to bounce back from a disappointing fade from the 2022 title scene by mounting a fresh challenge in F1 2023.

That failed to come to pass though, Ferrari instead being forced to settle for P3 in the Constructors’ Championship while Red Bull and Max Verstappen unleashed record-breaking dominance on their respective routes to further title success.

Carlos Sainz wants F1 2024 Ferrari that can win

Sainz did claim the distinction of being the only non-Red Bull driver to claim a grand prix win in F1 2023 as he took the chequered flag in Singapore, but that pales in comparison to his ambitions for the upcoming season.

Rather than just a win, Sainz wants to be at the wheel of a Ferrari which he feels gives him the performance to contend for wins across the calendar.

“In 2024 I ask for a car to win,” he told DAZN. “If we win or not, then let it be what God wants.

“But I ask for a car to win and that I can go out to each race thinking that I can achieve victory.” recommends

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Should Sainz be able to stack up the victories as he has set his sights on doing, then that should put him in the conversation for the F1 2024 World Championship.

And he believes that with Ferrari, he is in the best place on the grid to realise that goal.

“I am in the best place on the F1 grid to be an F1 champion, without a doubt,” he declared.

“Until you are inside Ferrari you don’t experience it. You are practically racing for an entire country. I give my all at work, on the track, training to be World Champion and do it with Ferrari.

“I am so happy at Ferrari and so happy to be part of this team that, at the moment, I do not see an expiration date.

“I have, I hope, many years ahead of me and counting all of them in red would not matter to me.

“My main motivation is to be World Champion. And if I can achieve that with Ferrari, even better. It is what we have to try in 2024 and I think what capacity we have.”

At the very least, Sainz wants to double his victory tally from the past few seasons of one, achieved in 2022 with his first F1 win at Silverstone, followed by his F1 2023 Singapore triumph.

“There is no need to ask Ferrari for anything because they are the first to impose improvement,” he said at a sponsor event.

“They have wanted to win since 2008, we all have this as our objective and I can only ask that what is missing from the car does not continue to be missing, I am sure that will be the case.

“I won one race in 2022, one in 2023, we’ll see if I can win two in 2024, that’s a goal.”

Sainz is expected to put pen to paper on a new Ferrari contract, his current deal set to expire after F1 2024.

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