Carlos Sainz called ‘cork in the bottle’ as multiple drivers wait for big F1 2025 decision

Henry Valantine
Carlos Sainz with the Williams and Audi badges

Which team will sign Carlos Sainz for 2025?

Kevin Magnussen dubbed Carlos Sainz the “cork in the bottle” of the F1 2025 driver market, with the big decision of his next move still to come.

Sainz had hinted that his choice is not far away over where he moves next, with Williams and Audi the two current favourites for his signature next season.

Carlos Sainz the ‘cork in the bottle’ of the F1 2025 driver market

Additional reporting by Sam Cooper

Sainz has said this week that he aims to make a decision soon on his next move, but is still undecided upon which team presents the best opportunity for him.

With the current Ferrari driver believed to be the first choice for multiple teams on the grid, Haas driver Magnussen believes that once his next destination is decided, the rest of the market will begin to fall into place.

When asked what the metaphorical ‘cork in the bottle’ in the driver market is this season, Magnussen replied to media including, while sat beside Sainz: “Carlos is the cork in the bottle.

“I think a lot of guys are waiting for him to make a move and then, eventually, all the other pieces of the puzzle will fall. So yeah, that’s the truth of that.”

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For Magnussen himself, he is one of the drivers whose future is not yet decided beyond the end of the season, and while he admitted it is not the easiest place for himself to be in, having spent time away from Formula 1 in the past, he is taking a “relaxed” approach regarding the remainder of the season.

“I think not knowing your future is of course not a comfortable situation,” he said.

“I think this job has a big effect on your life in general, on not only you as a driver but your whole family – and your whole year is dictated by being in Formula 1 when you’re driving.

“I think that’s the biggest thing for me is not knowing how life looks in in half a year’s time or so, but I think I’ve been in this situation many times before.

“I’ve been out of Formula 1 a few times before, and life outside is also pretty good. When I was younger, I had a lot of fear of losing this, which I don’t think you need to have.

“I think it’s a very big privilege, I love driving these cars, I love racing in Formula 1, but I think I’m much more relaxed about things now than I was in the past.

“We’re very early in the year so it’s, in that way, a different situation than I’ve tried before.

“I think all the decisions will be made, I think likely in the next weeks or so. So it’s pretty early, but we’ll see how it all ends up.”

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