Sainz sees ‘desire’ at Ferrari ahead of 2022 campaign

Ben Johnston
Carlos Sainz faces the Ferrari garage wall. Abu Dhabi, December 2021.

Carlos Sainz, in his race suit and helmet, faces the wall of the Ferrari garage. Abu Dhabi, December 2021.

Carlos Sainz sees no stress at Ferrari, instead only “desire” throughout the team to perform as Formula 1 enters a new era.

The Spaniard heads into the 2022 season off the back of an extremely strong first year with Ferrari, which saw him score four podium finishes on his way to P5 in the Drivers’ World Championship where he finished ahead of his team-mate Charles Leclerc.

The Spaniard has prepared well for the upcoming season as Formula 1 begins a new chapter in its history.

Importantly though, this is also seen as a new chapter for Ferrari, who aided by the new 2022 regulations have ambitions to return to contending for race wins and titles.

Pre-season testing unofficially begins in Barcelona on February 23, and Sainz likes the vibes he is picking up from his Ferrari colleagues.

“I did an intensive training in January, between athletics and simulator,” said Sainz in conversation with Corriere Della Sera.

“This week I dedicate it to the body and to the care of nutrition to be one hundred percent at the first tests.”

The introduction of the new regulations means that fans will see drastically different cars to what they have been used to in previous years.

“Different from the machines seen in recent years. Innovative to the maximum,” Sainz explained when asked to describe the new cars.

“Up until last year we drove the best cars in F1 history, well balanced but spiteful, if you lost control for an instant, you would crash.

“This Ferrari seems even more reactive to me, the suspensions are stiffer, we will have to get used to managing it.

“If it is easy to drive, everything emerges faster, the lap times come almost by themselves.

“Then you have to compare the data with those of others.

“I don’t think the first test in Barcelona is enough, but in Bahrain we will have some certain information.

“Full of energy and positivity. I think last year’s experience did us all good.

“In the corridors, in Maranello, I meet smiling, toned and confident people.

“I don’t see stress, I see the desire to do well.”


Ferrari will launch their new car, the F1-75, on Thursday, February 17.


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