Sainz aiming to take Ferrari to a ‘different level’

Jamie Woodhouse
Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari cockpit. Abu Dhabi December 2021.

Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari cockpit at the Abu Dhabi post-season test. Yas Marina December 2021.

Carlos Sainz is ready to take Ferrari to “a different level” in 2022 and chase the success which he and the team craves.

Ferrari had spoken optimistically about their 2022 challenger, the F1-75, in the lead-up to a defining season for the team as new regulations come into play.

And now we have finally all set eyes upon the F1-75, a stunning Ferrari and one which lives up to the talk of a bold and unique design.

The aim for the F1-75 is to take Ferrari back to winning ways in Formula 1 this season, hopefully also mounting a title challenge.

And after a solid first season with Ferrari in 2021, which included four podiums, Sainz is now ready to elevate the Scuderia from their 2021 achievement of P3 in the Constructors’ Championship.

“More than ready for this season,” he declared at the launch of the F1-75.

“2021 was a great year for me because I managed to learn how the team works on the inside, to adapt to a new environment but also mainly to learn about the Ferrari brand and how everything works, and [that] was a great experience for me.

“Now it’s time to take the team to a different level, to another step. As drivers and the team together we want more things and more success in 2022, so let’s go and get it.”

As for the F1-75 itself, Sainz is a huge fan, both in the sense of the colour scheme and also the innovative designs.

Of course the main attribute Sainz wants it to have though is speed.

“I think it looks aggressive, radical, I think it looks beautiful also,” he explained.

“Innovative, different, thinking a bit out of the box. It’s just what you want to see when you see a new car. I just hope it’s fast!

“We have the 75-year anniversary, which I think fits well with the colour scheme. We are trying to represent a bit the old days of Ferrari and I think this colour is a mix of what we had last year at the front with what we had at the back. You mix it, you have this colour which I think is a good representation.”


While the cars themselves are all-new for 2022, they will also be competing on the track with newly-developed, larger tyres from Pirelli.

The Italian manufacturer held a mammoth testing schedule in 2021 for their 18-inch tyres, which will replace the old 13-inch compounds, with Sainz saying that they already felt like a “step in the right direction” in 2021, when the prototypes were tested using adapted mule cars.

The concern he has relates to their impact on visibility, an issue which the likes of Max Verstappen and Alex Albon have highlighted already.

“We tried them on last year’s car and it already felt like a step in the right direction,” said Sainz of the 18-inch tyres.

“[They] should give us a possibility to push a bit more in the races, challenge a bit more the cars in front, and behind a bit more racing.

“The only question mark obviously remains the visibility – it looks big, it looks like this might cover a bit and on street circuits it might be a bit difficult.”


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