Carlos Sainz ‘locked in’ after major career reveal, claims F1 presenter

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Carlos Sainz looks quizzical

Carlos Sainz is in his final season as a Ferrari driver

Speaking about a “long-term” project being “built from the bottom”, Channel 4’s Steven Jones believes Carlos Sainz has all but told us he’s “locked in” at Williams.

Although linked to Red Bull, Mercedes and Audi, it seems Williams may be the team that signs the three-time Grand Prix winner for the 2025 F1 championship.

Has Carlos Sainz hinted he’s ‘locked in’ at Williams?

Sainz was informed by Ferrari even before the first race of this season that 2024 would be his fourth and final year in red as they’d signed Lewis Hamilton as his replacement.

The Spaniard was not short on options for the 2025 F1 championship – at least not back in February.

Since then, though, Formula 1’s rumour mill claims the Red Bull door has been closed with the team keen to continue with Sergio Perez while Mercedes won’t decide until the very last minute as Toto Wolff is still hoping to nab Max Verstappen.

As for Audi, they’re working on their options after Sainz reportedly put them on hold and have signed Nico Hulkenberg.

But while it seemed to be a tussle between Mercedes and Audi for the 29-year-old’s signature with Sainz pausing the Audi talks as he waited on word from Mercedes, in the build-up to the Monaco Grand Prix Williams emerged as the front-runner to secure the Spaniard’s services.

The Mercedes-powered team already has Alex Albon on the payroll for 2025 but are said to be keen on making a key signing to show the motor racing world that they mean business.

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But while neither Williams nor Sainz have confirmed or denied the reports, the Ferrari driver rather telling spoke of a “long-term” project and building a team “from the bottom”.

“My priority is to want to remain in F1,” he told Channel 4, “but also to allow me to find a medium to long-term project where I feel valued, where I feel I’m being listened, where I feel like I can commit to a medium or longer term that is going to be useful for my career.

“I believe that just going to some places for one, two years and then leaving is not the right way to approach Formula One.

“If you look at successful winning teams, they’ve been built from the bottom and built a good thing together and I believe in those things and I want to make sure I feel love, valued, that I feel right at home.”

Presenter Jones pounced on the key words from the Spaniard’s statement, saying Sainz to Williams is “locked in”.

“Very graceful. Very classy. I expected nothing less,” said Jones. “Just after that interview, the rumours started to swirl that Sainz might be joining Williams.

“It’s really interesting to hear him talk about a long-term project with a team.

“In short, he’s going to Williams. It’s locked in.”

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