Carlos Sainz retains Monaco P3 after FIA summon Ferrari and Williams

Sam Cooper

Carlos Sainz faced losing out on his P3 starting spot in the Monaco Grand Prix, but was cleared of impeding Alex Albon during qualifying.

While his Ferrari team-mate put it on pole, Sainz managed a second row spot but was at risk of losing out having been summoned to see the stewards.

Carlos Sainz cleared of Monaco impeding

They wished to speak to both him and Alex Albon for an alleged incident of impeding at Turn 15 in Q1, but opted to take no further action, with Sainz arguing that he did not “unnecessarily impede” Albon, who himself did not firmly believe that was the case.

“The stewards heard from the driver of Car 55 ( Carlos Sainz), the driver of Car 23 (Alexander Albon), team representatives and reviewed video, team radio and in-car
video evidence and determined that Car 23 was on a push lap and caught Car 55 at the chicane at Turns 15/16,” the report from the stewards began.

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“The driver of Car 55 was informed by the team of the approach of Car 23. The driver of Car 55 attempted to move as quickly as he could off the racing line to give Car 23 space at the exit of Turn 16. However, given the tight nature of the chicane and the Monaco circuit, Car 23 was impacted by Car 55’s presence at the chicane.

“The driver of Car 55 stated on hindsight that he could perhaps have gone off the track and thereby given Car 23 more room but felt that he did not unnecessarily impede Car 23 as he took the necessary steps on the track to give him space.

“The driver of Car 23 was able to complete his push lap and although he may have lost a tenth and a half in terms of time and was therefore affected, he said it was, in his mind, “grey” as to whether or not he was unnecessarily impeded by Car 55.

“He did not think this was a clear case of impeding. He acknowledged that the part of the circuit was particularly difficult at it is a sequence of blind corners and that Car 55 could not have seen Car 23 approaching any sooner.

“In the light of the above, we took no further action.”

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