Next Carlos Sainz move analysed as more pressure put on Red Bull – F1 news round-up

Sam Cooper
Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz will leave Ferrari this year after four seasons with the team.

Carlos Sainz was in the news today as a “brilliant” next step for him was suggested while Red Bull are having to deal with an unhappy Ford.

The investigation into Christian Horner continues to rumble on and the speed of it has reportedly upset the team’s future engine partner Red Bull.

Meanwhile a move to Sauber for Sainz has been suggested by a former F1 driver.

Ford chief demands Red Bull answers to Christian Horner investigation

The navigation into Horner has been public for a number of weeks now but while the parent company continues to do their due diligence, the lack of statements to the media is not particularly surprising.

However it would appear one of their biggest partners Ford have also been kept in the dark and CEO Jim Farley wants that to change.

In a letter claimed to have been by AP, Farley said they were “frustrated by the lack of full transparency surrounding this matter with us, your corporate partners, and look forward to receiving a complete account of all findings.”

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Sauber move tipped for Carlos Sainz

Sainz has known he is heading out the Ferrari door for a little while now but the Spaniard is in no rush to make his next move.

One seat that Anthony Davidson believes would make sense is Sauber ahead of the Audi takeover.

“I just think that’s a very good place for an experienced, professional racer like he is to end up, to help nurture a new team.

“It’s still Sauber, of course, but there’ll be new people within that team that want to make their own mark and moment in time in Formula 1 and I think he will be a brilliant driver to help guide and measure the aspirations – perhaps slight overoptimism as well – in some moments.

“I think he’s an excellent driver. And we see it at Ferrari as well, when sometimes the strategy is wavering a little bit, going off-piste slightly, he’s always there to rein it back in and keep people’s feet on the ground.

“I see him as that kind of stalwart, a driver that speaks with authority. I think that will go a long way if he turns up at Audi and I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.”

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Liam Lawson reaction to losing RB seat revealed

The newest series of Drive to Survive hit Netflix on Friday and has already pulled back the curtain on some of 2023’s biggest stories.

One of those was the reaction of Liam Lawson who discovered he would not be getting the RB seat for 2024.

In a private meeting, Horner tells Lawson: “From your perspective, you’re doing a great job. What you’ve done so far has impressed me, it’s impressed everybody in the team.

“So, they’re going to announce Daniel and Yuki, it goes out in the morning. OK?

“Stay positive, you’ll get your chance.”

Lawson is interviewed immediately after the meeting and, referring to Tsunoda, remarks: “I’ve just beaten the guy who got the seat.

“It was meant to be me.”

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Lewis Hamilton pushes Ferrari diversity drive

Lewis Hamilton is not in Ferrari red just yet but has already begun taking steps to make it a more diverse workplace.

Ahead of his 2025 move, Hamilton said he had been speaking with executive chairman Ferrari John Elkann.

“I’m looking to work more with Formula 1 and, of course, you look at Ferrari [and] they have a lot of work to do.

“I’ve already made that a priority in speaking with John and they’re super excited to get on and work on it also.”

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Nico Hulkenberg keeping options open in the F1 driver market

With 12 drivers out of contract at the end of the season, the F1 driver market could be one of the most interesting stories of the season and one man watching with interest is Nico Hulkenberg.

The current Haas driver is waiting to see how the dominoes will fall and what that could mean for his career.

“Your current team is always an option, I think that’s pretty obvious,” he said.

“But there might be other options opening up too, but I think that’s quite early to foresee or to know.”

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