Sainz taking online lessons from his engineer

Jamie Woodhouse
Carlos Sainz profile pic style 2020

Carlos Sainz profile pic style 2020

Carlos Sainz is taking online lessons from his engineer about the workings of a Formula 1 car while Formula 1 is on hold.

No racing has been possible so far in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving all those involved in Formula 1 with plenty of unexpected time on their hands.

And as part of his mind-expanding plan, Sainz revealed that he is taking online lessons from his McLaren engineer Tom Stallard as he tries to improve his knowledge of the technical side of Formula 1.

“I had an idea recently that I would like to take an online engineering class with my engineer Tom Stallard,” he told the Formula One website.

“I would like to know a bit better how some parts of a Formula 1 car work a bit more specifically, a bit more technically.

“I don’t know how it would work online but I think it would work well, at least it will keep me busy and I will use it as something to improve my understanding of a Formula 1 car.”

As well as the technical details of Formula 1, Sainz is putting the time in to gain a better understanding of economics – he hopes he can then help his dad, legendary rally driver Carlos Sainz Sr, with his investments.

“I want to start understanding economics better, and the stock market, and I’ve been having chats with my dad and the people who help him out with his investments,” he explained.

And there was also a less complex task for the Spaniard to tackle.

“Also I did a full clean of my wardrobe… and tried to donate those clothes to some organisations or the church because I had an awful lot of [clothes] that I didn’t use,” he added.

Finally, ‘Coach Carlos’ is getting his family in shape with his ‘essential’ workouts.

“Now I’m ‘Coach Carlos’… with the help of [personal trainer] Rupert Manwaring, I’m trying to coach my family in some diets and training plans and keeping them motivated – as you know sports puts you in a good mood and gives endorphins, and I think it keeps us all happy and entertained,” he said.

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