SF-24 has ‘things from Ferrari, but also from Mercedes, Aston Martin and Red Bull’

Michelle Foster
Carlos Sainz shakes down the Ferrari SF-24.

Carlos Sainz took his final Ferrari F1 car, the SF-24, for a shakedown at Fiorano.

Ferrari’s design team have “innovated” with the new SF-24 but Carlos Sainz isn’t ashamed to say they’ve also taken elements from “Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Red Bull”.

Last season Ferrari hoped to build on their four wins from 2022 and challenge Red Bull for the championship titles.

Instead, they took a step backwards, at least in terms of results, as Red Bull annihilated the competition to take 21 Grand Prix wins in 22 races.

Ferrari taking a ‘grain of salt’ from rival teams

Ferrari was the only other team to climb onto the top step of the podium with Carlos Sainz capitalising on an off-weekend for Red Bull in Singapore to win at the Marina Bay circuit.

This season, in what will be the Spaniard’s final season with Ferrari having been dropped to make room for Lewis Hamilton, he’s hoping for better results.

So too are Ferrari, who have drawn inspiration from their rivals when it comes to the SF-24.

“It seems to me to be a very nice car, very different from the 2023, there are quite big changes that I hope go in the right direction,” Sainz told DAZN.

“It seems that there is a tendency for all the cars to become similar, and to see who is getting it right, who is better fast,” says the Ferrari driver.

“There are things in this car that are always from Ferrari, there are also things from Mercedes, Aston Martin, Red Bull … I think that among all the teams we are taking with a grain of salt what we like about each one.

“The engineers at Ferrari have innovated, there are things about the car that are not seen that are purely ideas at Ferrari that I am sure will give us more performance.”

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But while Sainz believes Ferrari will be in the mix this season, the two-time Grand Prix winner admits last year’s huge leaps from Aston Martin and then McLaren show that anything can happen.

He’s hoping if it does, Ferrari will be at the forefront of it.

“The ones we saw in 2023 and we also have to wait to see if anyone in the middle of the table make the leap,” he said.

“It is true that at the end of last year the middle of the table was very close to those at the top, like in Abu Dhabi. We have to be attentive because surely those in the middle of the table are approaching.

“Williams took a very big step, Aston Martin the same… it is shown with this new regulation that if you get it right there is a lot of potential to unlock in the car, and if you get it right, you can go much faster. Let’s hope that this year it’s our turn.”

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