Madrid Grand Prix: Backing received from high-profile figure as Barcelona faces axe

Jamie Woodhouse
Sergio Perez performs during Red Bull Showrun in Madrid, Spain. Madrid Grand Prix

Madrid could replace Barcelona on the F1 calendar in 2026.

Carlos Sainz Sr fully supports the prospect of the Spanish Grand Prix relocating to Madrid, pointing out to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya that there is “no written rule” that a grands prix must stay in the same place.

The Spanish Grand Prix has been present on the Formula 1 calendar throughout much of the series’ existence, with various venues, including the likes of Jerez, Jarama and now the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya proudly calling itself the host venue.

Catalunya has held that right exclusively since 1991, though its position has come under threat from a Madrid effort to snatch away the Spanish Grand Prix and potentially host it at a circuit based around the IFEMA convention centre.

‘No written rule’ that Catalunya must retain Spanish Grand Prix

2026 has been the mooted arrival date for a grand prix in Madrid, leaving serious doubts over the future of the Catalonia-based Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in F1, considering the already crowded scene of promoters looking for a way onto the calendar.

So, if the Spanish Grand Prix was to move to Madrid and Catalunya was left out in the cold, Sainz suggested this is just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

“I think the presence of a Grand Prix in Spain is fundamental,” the multi-time World Rally Champion and father of Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr is quoted by

“I don’t know if in the end it will be one or two, but if it is confirmed, and it could be a reality, if the Spanish Grand Prix comes to Madrid, like any Madrileño, [I would be] happy, I know what a Grand Prix implies and the imprint it leaves on a city.

“I think that, on the other hand, Catalonia has had it for many years and enjoyed it, there is no written rule that it has to be for life in one place, it was also in Jerez at the time.

“These are processes in the world of motorsport that are going on and if it really happens, I would be very happy. I encourage anyone who has the ability to decide, and I think it’s a private initiative, so no one can point the finger at anyone and for the money to go somewhere, I think if it is done, it will be a success.” recommends

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For Sainz Jr, a Madrid Grand Prix would take the term ‘home race’ to a new level, as the 29-year-old was born in the Spanish capital city.

Sainz Sr continued: “Madrid, the site where it has been chosen, logistically, is unbeatable in the world, and for Madrid, knowing what this city is like, it would be fantastic.

“And if you add to that, if it comes, which is not confirmed, that Carlos will race in Formula 1, to race in your own city, me having experienced it in some races or rallies, it’s fantastic, it’s unique.

“If he’s lucky enough, he’ll really enjoy that grand prix, and all the Spaniards who want to come to Madrid, we all know it’s a fun city, capable of giving the best, so we’re happy.”

Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton hold the joint record for most Spanish Grand Prix wins with six each, all achieved at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

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