Leclerc refutes claims he has become arrogant

Mark Scott
Charles Leclerc PA

Charles Leclerc disappointed with Imola qualifying showing.

Charles Leclerc has said the one area of criticism that irks him is that he has become an arrogant person during his time in Formula 1.

Leclerc has completed his third full term as a Formula 1 driver and was one of the stronger performers throughout the season despite Ferrari’s worst result in 40 years.

The Monegasque is the chosen one at Maranello, earmarked as the future of Ferrari and, maybe one day, be the driver to end their long-running title drought.

Being held in such high regard could lead to some having a change in approach and attitude, but Leclerc does not understand any claims that he has become arrogant and said he is still as grounded as ever.

“One [piece of criticism] that touches me more than others is arrogance, because I know very well that I haven’t changed,” Leclerc told Sky Italia.

“The further I go in my career, the more I see that people want to be my friend, certainly not because they like me as a person but because I am a Ferrari driver.

“So I close myself a little. But that’s not arrogance, I haven’t changed from that point of view.

“Both my father and Jules always told me to keep my feet on the ground.

“Everything in my career has gone pretty fast and in the right direction, but I’ve always kept that advice in mind.

“That’s why the word [arrogance] bothers me more than the others.”

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Leclerc also dismissed the suggestion that the 2020 season should be forgotten about completely, given Ferrari struggles, because it has still helped him grow and learn as a driver.

“No, I wouldn’t say that [that the season needs to be forgotten],” he replied.

“It was definitely a very difficult year in many ways. Talking about the car, it was a complicated year and we didn’t expect to struggle so much.

“We had to accept this situation, analyse and work to improve. And I am satisfied with that, even if it was difficult.

“On the other hand, it would not be right to forget this season, because it is in these moments that you grow the most.

“I felt that I have grown as a driver and I think it will help us as a team. We have found some things that will help us to improve in the future.”

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