Leclerc: Ferrari engine saga is done

Michelle Foster
Charles Leclerc Ferrari logo in the background pa

Charles Leclerc Ferrari logo in the background pa

Charles Leclerc “trusts” both Ferrari and the FIA to keep everything above board and says for him the 2019 engine saga is “done”.

Last season rivals questioned the legality of Ferrari’s power unit.

They wrote to the FIA querying the engine’s fuel flow system, resulting in two Technical Directives being issued.

Ferrari went from topping the speed traps to losing pace down the straights.

This led to Max Verstappen blatantly accusing the Italian team of “cheating”, however, at no stage was there any definitive proof of this.

Earlier this year the FIA reached a secret agreement with Ferrari regarding the power unit, angering rival teams who want the full story.

Led by Mercedes, who has since declared a truce with Ferrari, the seven non-Ferrari powered teams wrote to the FIA threatening legal action unless there is full disclosure.

Leclerc was asked about it in the build-up to the Australian GP weekend and says he feels the matter is closed.

“I fully trust my team, that’s for sure,” the Monégasque told

“I trust the FIA for making sure everything was OK.

“For me, it’s done. I look to the future.”

Leclerc added that it is “completely understandable” that the FIA is not releasing the details as that would mean laying the workings of the Ferrari power unit out for all their rivals to see.

“They should trust the FIA for doing their work,” he said.

“I think it’s completely understandable that they don’t explain absolutely everything because there is a lot of work also for us on all the parts.

“If you make all of this public, then you make all the work that the team has done public. This is, for me, understandable.”

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