Leclerc admits wins for Ferrari will be ‘difficult’

Jamie Woodhouse
Charles Leclerc Ferrari

Charles Leclerc says it will be "difficult" for Ferrari to win any time soon.

Charles Leclerc admits that it is “difficult” to see Ferrari winning races in Formula 1 any time soon, especially in 2020.

Leclerc scored two wins in his first season with Ferrari at the 2019 Belgian and Italian GPs, but he thinks it will be difficult to score a third career win this year.

And judging Ferrari on the opening four races, it’s easy to see why.

The Scuderia ended 2019 as close challengers to Mercedes, despite losing most of their advantage in the engine department after a series of FIA technical directives, but in 2020 they have taken a sharp decline.

Rather than fighting Mercedes or Red Bull at the top, they have been left fighting it out with the likes of McLaren, Racing Point and Renault at the head of the midfield.

“Now it is very difficult to win because the Mercedes are at a very high level,” Leclerc told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Last year we did it on two tracks, I think however there was perhaps the opportunity to win a little more. I also made some mistakes, but I learned from these mistakes.

“This year it will realistically be very difficult to win some Grand Prixs, however we will try in every way and I will give everything on the track.”

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So, what are exactly are Ferrari missing?

With their engine advantage gone does it all come down to power, or are corners the problem?

Leclerc’s assessment gives cause for concern.

“What are we missing? It is difficult to focus on one thing, it is a general problem,” he admitted.

“We have seen that in the rain it is difficult, but in the dry we have struggled a little more in sector 1 of Austria where there are more straights.

“So it’s not just one thing only because otherwise in the wet we would be much better, instead it wasn’t like that and therefore we have to work on a general package to make a better step”.

Ferrari recently underwent a shake-up of their structure by creating a new Performance Department, with Mattia Binotto remaining in the position of team principal.

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