Charles Leclerc issues statement after home address in Monaco is leaked

Mark Scott
Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc looks dejected. Bahrain, March 2023.

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc looks dejected. Bahrain, March 2023.

Charles Leclerc has asked for people to respect his privacy after his home address in Monaco was leaked, leading to countless doorbell rings.

Leclerc’s renewed energy and enthusiasm for the F1 2023 season will already be drained after suffering two DNFs in the first three races, with a paltry eight points to his name in the World Championship standings.

If anyone needs to come back home and switch off, it’s Leclerc, but he has revealed he has not even been able to do that because his home address has been leaked to the general public and is being harassed as a result.

“Hey everyone,” Leclerc said in a message posted on Instagram.

“For the past few months, my home address has somehow become public, leading to people gathering beneath my apartment, ringing my doorbell, and asking for pictures and autographs.

“While I’m always happy to be there for you and I truly appreciate your support, please respect my privacy and refrain from coming to my house.

“I’ll make sure to stop for everyone when you see me on the streets or at the track, but I won’t be coming downstairs if you visit my home.

“Your support, both in person and on social media, means the world to me, but there is a boundary that should not be crossed.

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There has at least been some good news for Leclerc of late, with Italian police arresting four people in connection with the theft of his luxury watch last year, which was stolen in the Italian seaside resort of Viareggio ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix last year.

Leclerc was approached for a selfie by two people wearing motorcycle helmets, only for his Richard Mille RM67 ‘Leclerc’ custom watch to be removed from his wrist in the process.

A statement from the Italian Carabinieri in Viareggio explained that three men and one woman have been arrested and house searches uncovered two valuable watches which have been seized, as well as cash totalling €23,000.

It is not yet known whether one of the discovered watches belongs to Leclerc.

One of these days, Charles Leclerc will eventually catch a break. He deserves so much better.