Charles Leclerc’s Monaco curse spreads to brother Arthur in F2 crash

Jamie Woodhouse
Arthur Leclerc with brother and Ferrari driver Charles. Bahrain March 2022.

Arthur and Charles Leclerc pose together after a Formula 3 race. Bahrain March 2022.

It seems Charles Leclerc is sharing his Monaco curse with brother Arthur this year as the Ferrari junior crashed out of Formula 2 qualifying.

Not long after the stars of Formula 1 had headed out onto the track for their first practice session of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, that ending early with a crash for Alex Albon at Sainte Devote, it was the F1 hopefuls in Formula 2 then taking to the circuit with qualifying business to attend to.

In Formula 2 the qualifying runners are split into two groups, as to ease potential traffic concerns, and Arthur was among the competitors in Group A as he headed out for his first experience of Formula 2 qualifying on home soil.

The day certainly did not go to plan though, with Arthur losing control of his DAMS car coming out of Anthony Noghes, spelling the end of his session as he clattered the wall, thus neutralising the session with the red flags waving.

Misfortune around Monte Carlo sadly runs in the family, as his older brother and Ferrari driver Charles can all so painfully attest to from experience. recommends

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Charles’ unlucky streak stretches back to his Formula 2 days, where his only appearance around the venue back in 2017 brought about a double DNF. Suspension failure the cause in the first, after pitting before the Safety Car saw him lose the lead, with electrical issues then dumping him out of the second race.

The curse has since followed him into Formula 1, covering crashing out of his first home race in the series in 2018, and again in 2019 in his maiden home race with Ferrari.

In 2021 he failed to start the race having been set to do so from pole, terminal damage from his qualifying crash only becoming clear on the reconnaissance laps to the grid, while in 2022 he was leading the race only for a botched Ferrari strategy to undo all the hard work.

Even before that race, he had crashed Niki Lauda’s 1974 Ferrari 312 B3 during the Monaco Historic Grand Prix.

Arthur then will be very much hoping that today’s incident does not mark the start of his ongoing involvement in this Monaco curse.