Leclerc: Reverse races would put drivers on a par

Michelle Foster
Charles Leclerc 2020

Charles Leclerc a mix of Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen.

Running grands prix in the opposite direction would be “cool” says Charles Leclerc, who feels it would also level the playing field a bit.

Formula 1 is debating various ways to get in as many grands prix as possible in as short a time.

Both the Red Bull Ring and Silverstone have stepped up, saying they are open to running more than one grand prix.

Austria is, at least for now, pushing on with plans for a July grand prix with the country’s government saying they “won’t stand in the way” of a behind-closed-door event.

There has been talk of doing at least one in reverse order from the normal direction, which Leclerc reckons would be “cool”.

“You can always argue about the merits of using the same track more than once,” said the Ferrari driver, “but you have to look at the situation.

“Running them the other way round would be cool.

“It means we would have to learn the track from scratch. We did it in karting.

“Drivers with a lot of experience would suddenly have less knowledge. All drivers would be on a par.”

Silverstone, however, has said that running in reverse order is “probably not practical or sensible” as the circuit and its safety measures would need to be revised, coming at a cost.

Like many of his rivals, Leclerc just wants to go racing.

Under Formula 1 regulations, the sport needs a minimum of eight grands prix to be classified as a World Championship.

Leclerc feels at last “12” are needed to make a meaningful championship.

“12 or 13 races would be the minimum I would want for it to be a significant championship,” he said, “but less than 12 would be better than nothing.

“If there are eight to 10, you could get some surprises. I would probably take more risks, with strategy and overtakes.”

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