Leclerc still not forgiven for skydive jump

Mark Scott
Charles Leclerc to star in C'etait un Rendezvous remake.

Charles Leclerc to star in C'etait un Rendezvous remake.

Ferrari boss, Mattia Binotto, is still a little miffed with Charles Leclerc for performing a skydive during the winter break.

Leclerc opted for a post-season adrenaline rush when jumping from 13,000 feet in Dubai – but he did not clear it beforehand with Ferrari.

Leclerc said he usually does ask for permission when planning off-track activities, but had a different approach for the skydive attempt.

“I didn’t [ask for permission] for skydiving, because I just told myself that in case it will go wrong I will not be here to be told off!,” Leclerc said at the AutoSport International show in January.

“So, yeah, I just went for it, and then they were a little bit upset. At the end, I won’t do it a second time.

“It was amazing. But it was just to do it once.”

Binotto was recently discussing his two Ferrari drivers on Italian television and brought up that now infamous skydive attempt.

“Our drivers are the best duo in F1,” Binotto told Rai 1’s ‘Che tempo che fa’.

“Seb is a four-time world champion, he doesn’t need to be introduced.

“Charles is a boy born in our academy and it is the first time that an FDA boy has come to Ferrari. The hope is that there are others that follow him. He won a race like Monza in his second season in F1, which is a lot to achieve.

“But they also make us suffer a little bit at times.

“Charles jumped off with in a parachute and said nothing to anyone…forgiven? No. He said he will never do it again and I hope he understood it.”

Binotto was also asked for his prediction as to where Ferrari will be in the pecking order this upcoming season, but refused to make one.

“We can never make a prediction,” he said.

“Last year we left pre-season thinking we were going to be very fast and then we had a cold shower in Australia at the beginning of the season. We only recovered at the end.

We are young and there is still much space to grow. There are lessons to be learned from the past, such as reliability.

The important thing is to grow. All the winning cycles took years. There has never been such strong opponents as there is now.”

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