Charles Leclerc fires firm warning as Ferrari repeatedly ignore his clear instructions

Sam Cooper
Charles Leclerc removing his helmet. Montreal, Canada. June 2023.

Charles Leclerc removing his helmet. Montreal, Canada. June 2023.

Charles Leclerc was left furious with his Ferrari team after their tyre strategy resulted in a Q2 exit.

Leclerc was one of few drivers not to get a slick-tyre run in during Q2 and ultimately paid the price, qualifying provisionally in 11th.

It is not the first time this season or in the past few years that a team call has hurt Leclerc’s chances and his patience for such events appears to be waning.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1 after the session, Leclerc criticised the team for making a bad call again.

“Straight away,” he said when asked when he knew his session was in trouble. “When the track is so dry and we are staying on the inter tyres, we are not making our life any easier.

“So, we will, again, discuss with the team but we need to do a step forward now because it’s not the first time that it happens.

“We are quite often on the wrong side of making those decisions in those tricky situations.”

Leclerc went on to state that he had a different opinion and despite voicing it during the session, he was overruled.

“I had a clear opinion and a clear intuition and we went for something opposite. That was obviously frustrating to accept it first then you’re putting yourself in a very difficult situation. From that moment on, basically it’s slipped away from us.

“Having said that, it’s not all on that because other drivers managed to go to Q3 doing exactly the same thing as I did but again we are just making our life way too difficult. recommends

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Leclerc was asked how strongly he voiced his opinion and admitted at some point you have to just focus on driving,

“I said what I thought so then I cannot argue for a whole lap because obviously I need to drive,” he said.

“I just accept it and deal with it but I did say what I wanted to do.

“I will manage it myself internally and I don’t want to tell [reveal] what will happen but obviously there will be an analysis and hopefully we will come out stronger from it because it’s been quite a few times.”