Charles Leclerc’s subtle response to ‘liked’ tweet from Carlos Sainz’s mother

Ferrari's Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc

Dressed to impressed.

Charles Leclerc has hit back at a subtle dig from Carlos Sainz’s mum after she said the Spaniard had honour while Leclerc did not.

It was a good weekend for the Sainz family with the driver finishing on the podium for the first time this season and ahed of Leclerc for the second time in as many races.

But it could have ended in disaster when the two were seen battling late on and it seems that scuffle did not please Sainz’s mother.

Charles Leclerc takes note of Carlos Sainz’s mother’s slight

Shortly after the Monza race, Sainz’s mum Reyes Vázquez de Castro liked a tweet suggesting her son had one thing Leclerc did not – honour.

She has since unliked the tweet but not before it seemingly came to the attention of Leclerc who himself liked a tweet showing him on the podium celebrating victory at Monza in 2019 with the one-word caption “honour.”

Regardless of whether the two drivers get on with each other’s mothers or not, the more important matter is that the pair get on with each other and that seems to be the case even if Ferrari bosses may have been a little hot under the collar following their close battle last weekend.

“This is what racing should be all the time in my opinion,” Leclerc said. “This reminds me of the karting days when we were all on the limits.

“With Max [Verstappen], we have had these battles in the past, with Checo we have had these battles in the past and with Carlos today, it was really on the limit.

“I personally really enjoyed it. It was close many, many times. There were so many moments where it was very tricky.

“We were both moving a bit too much under-braking, but at the end, I don’t complain, this is what I love about racing. The adrenaline you feel fighting each other, it was really fun.

“It was on the limit from Carlos on the defending side, it was on the limit from me on the attacking side.

“It means so much to us both to be on the podium here in Monza, so we gave it our all, obviously 110 percent from my side and Carlos.’” recommends

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Sainz meanwhile said he felt sorry for team principal Fred Vasseur watching on.

“Honestly, I’m not sure if the word is good fun, but it was a very tough fight and I gave absolutely everything,” he told Sky Sports.

“I feel a bit sorry for Fred and the team because they must have had it really tough on the pit wall with those battles.

“But I think it was on the limit, a respectful battle between teammates, and I think we did everything we could to not have any contact, and in the end, we finished P3 and P4.”

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