Teams reject two new dates for Chinese Grand Prix

Jamie Woodhouse
Two proposed dates for rescheduled Chinese GP rejected by teams.

Two proposed dates for rescheduled Chinese GP rejected by teams.

Formula 1 bosses are desperate to reschedule the Chinese Grand Prix which looks set to be cancelled, but the teams aren’t playing ball.

The authorities in Shanghai have recommended that all sporting events are cancelled until the rapidly-spreading coronavirus has been brought under control, meaning the Chinese GP’s April slot is under threat.

The series is now waiting on the decision of the race promoter, but even though F1 is already set for a record 22-race season, managing director Ross Brawn confirmed earlier that efforts will be made to find a new date for the Chinese Grand Prix if it’s postponed.

Those plans have encountered a rather large speed bump, however, after Auto Motor und Sport reported that teams have rejected two proposed dates for a rescheduled event.

One week after the Hungarian Grand Prix was the first weekend proposed, meaning the summer break would have been shortened to two weeks instead of three.

The other put on the table was the weekend between the Brazilian and Abu Dhabi GPs, a move that would have brought us back to the days of that beloved triple-header.

But teams have rejected both of the proposed weekends.

The report continues to state that it may take up to two weeks before the official decision to cancel the event is made. This could present a problem for the logistical side of F1 as Brawn has confirmed.

“There’s two logistical deadlines,” he told

“One is when all the sea freight goes which is this week, or next week. So the things like fuel and so on go on a ship. But that’s not disastrous if that shifts and has to be brought back.

“Then we get into the physically putting people over there. That’s a big challenge with people going there to prepare for the race. That’s a critical stage. And that will happen in two or three weeks time. I think that’s the point at which really you have to say what the situation is.”

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