Christian Horner thinks Sebastian Vettel will be hurt by Aston Martin’s success

Sam Cooper
Sebastian Vettel talks to Adrian Newey and Christian Horner of Red Bull. Spain, February 2022.

Adrian Newey, left, and Christian Horner, right, talk to their former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel. Spain, February 2022.

Christian Horner has suggested that his former driver Sebastian Vettel will be hurting watching Aston Martin’s success this season.

Vettel joined Aston Martin from Ferrari in 2021 but the team were far off where they currently find themselves on the grid. The German finished 12th in both his seasons with the Silverstone team before deciding to retire at the end of last year.

But Aston Martin have undergone a transformation since then with Vettel’s replacement, Fernando Alonso, reaping the rewards.

Alosno has finished on the podium in all but two of the races so far this season which has led many to wonder if Vettel, who is six years younger than Alonso, may be regretting his decision to retire.

One of those people is his former boss Horner who suggested it would be “frustrating” for the former Red Bull man.

“It must be frustrating for Seb to see how well the Aston Martin is doing this year,” Horner is widely quoted as having told Sport Bild .

“He didn’t have an easy time there. But the truth is that without Seb Aston Martin wouldn’t be where they are this year. He has his share of the success. And he will still enjoy the time with his family.”

Vettel has maintained that he does not regret his decision but did admit he missed the “competition and the tension” of racing.

“So far I’m doing very well with my decision. But what I miss most is the competition and the tension,” Vettel said. “I let myself be inspired, look at a lot, collect ideas.

“Let’s see what ends up being a project. Driving my old racing cars with e-fuels at Goodwood is one thing. Motorsport is my passion. recommends

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“It’s important to me to show that we can drive just as well and quickly with synthetic, i.e. CO2-neutral, fuel. And that already today synthetic fuels offer a solution to responsibly having fun.

“A lot of people just don’t know that yet.”

Having appeared in January’s Race of Champions, Vettel has had a few more track days added to his calendar starting with a Goodwood appearance next month at the Festival of Speed.

Later in the year he will team up with former team-mate Daniel Ricciardo for a lap of the Nordschleife in his old RB7.