Horner predicts accidents aplenty when F1 returns

Finley Crebolder


Christian Horner believes that there will be plenty of accidents when Formula 1 returns due to the rustiness of the drivers.

If the season does indeed get underway in July, as the sport hopes, the 2020 grid would have gone just under five months without driving their cars.

While the drivers are all staying fit, with many spending huge amounts of time on simulators, the Red Bull boss thinks the hiatus will cause problems for them.

“This is probably the longest time all the drivers have been out of a seat,” Horner told the Guardian.

“That could be healthy in a way. If we begin again in July, they will all be rusty as hell and there will be some incidents.”

Before the season was put on hold, Red Bull was one of the teams carrying the most momentum. Testing suggested they’d closed the gap to Mercedes, and the end of the previous campaign saw their young lineup of Max Verstappen and Alex Albon go from strength to strength.

While Horner does admit the postponement is unnatural for the drivers, he also believes they’ll be more enthusiastic and motivated than ever when they return to their cars.

“You remain itching to get going, The competitor within craves to get going, to get racing,” he added.

“It is unnatural for drivers and team members to be sitting on their hands when we would usually be racing.”

“When you don’t experience something for a long time you realise how much you love it and how much you miss it.”

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