Christian Horner feared for his clothing with crazy Mexico City GP crowd

Sam Cooper
Christian Horner smiles in the paddock. Hungary July 2022.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner walks through the paddock. Hungary July 2022.

Christian Horner has joked he could have been stripped down to his underpants such was the support of the Mexican crowd.

The Red Bull fans in attendance, of which there were a lot, had plenty to cheer at the weekend with their home favourite Sergio Perez earning a podium spot while Max Verstappen won the race.

The grand prix produced one of the best atmospheres all season and an audible cheer was heard any time Perez so much as appeared on a screen.

Horner has revealed that passion spread to other members of Red Bull and said he was concerned he would not be able to come out in a team shirt.

“The support for Max in the Netherlands is impressive, but I tell you what, they have competition with the Mexicans because, at one point, I feared for my life in front of the podium and actually whether I would come out with a team shirt,” he said, as reported by

“The support for the team, for Checo, for Formula 1 – it’s amazing to have a crowd as vocal and as passionate as we’re seeing and it creates a phenomenal atmosphere.”

But as with all level of fan support, there is a fine line between what is acceptable and what is not with some drivers complaining that the behaviour was inappropriate at times.

AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly is one of those and confessed he spent the weekend in the team’s hospitality centre out of fear of being “mobbed.”

“We’re working here, and obviously we give time for the fans when we can,” he said, quoted by the Express. “But this weekend I didn’t dare come out of the hospitality, because otherwise you get mobbed. And sometimes it gets quite hectic.

“I arrived at the hospitality yesterday morning with my bag with my passport open, and I didn’t even feel it. We talked about it in the driver’s briefing. I think it’s great, and also to see kids and people really enjoying it, but just maybe find a way where they can understand where to reach us, and when to give us a bit more space.”

Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris also voiced their concern with the former saying it was difficult for him to even walk down the paddock.

Horner said that there were “always lessons” to be learned but that Mexico had an “unprecedented” level of enthusiasm.

“I think there are always lessons that you can learn and I think the level of interest and the enthusiasm that there is, it’s unprecedented here,” Horner said.

“I was just thankful I’d got a few guys around me, mechanics, otherwise I’d have come out in my underpants.”

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