Christian Horner’s comments on Fernando Alonso resurface after shock Red Bull rumours

Mark Scott
Fernando Alonso sits alongside Sergio Perez in the Mexican Grand Prix conference.

Fernando Alonso: Was linked with Sergio Perez's Red Bull seat

Recent comments made by Christian Horner about Fernando Alonso have resurfaced following shock rumours earlier this week that he was a strong option to replace Sergio Perez.

With each passing disastrous result from Perez, a fresh wave of rumour and speculation comes flying his way. After his first corner DNF at his home race last weekend, it was no different.

In the following days, social media was littered with talk of paddock rumours and it escalated to a point where Alonso was sensationally linked with the Red Bull seat.

Christian Horner already warned against Fernando Alonso

But, you only have to rewind back to early October to know that Horner isn’t particularly keen on what would be an explosive line-up between Max Verstappen and Alonso.

Asked if he would ever consider the likes of Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso as his second driver, Horner told Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle: “If you put too extreme alphas in a team it’ll tear the team apart.

“So you always want to achieve I think the right balance. That’s one of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned.”’s recommended reading

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Fernando Alonso’s ‘most likely’ next move

It wasn’t just Fernando Alonso to Red Bull talk powering the rumour mill this week, with the suggestion of retirement also mooted.

Aston Martin’s decline in performance this season has given weight to the idea that Alonso could follow in the footsteps of Sebastian Vettel and decide this long-term project with the team is not for him.

However, speaking on the latest edition of Sky F1’s podcast, well-connected reporter Craig Slater gave a more accurate picture of what is next for the two-time World Champion.

“Can we get rid of the elephant in the room, which is Fernando Alonso potentially going to Red Bull next year to partner Max Verstappen,” Slater said on the Sky F1 podcast.

“My understanding is that that is a non-starter, that is not going to happen.

“As much as they admire Alonso at Red Bull and what he can do, he is not above [Daniel] Ricciardo, as far as I understand it, as an option to drive for that team next year.

“This is not coming officially from the team or anything like that, but it’s been out there on the internet, but that is not going to happen, as I understand that.

“From what I can gather, some senior well-placed people have told me that maybe Alonso’s management have been doing their due diligence again and have been assessing are there any other potentially better options for him next year?

“And perhaps that has been inflated into a he’s going to take Perez’s seat, rather than Ricciardo is. But I have it on pretty good authority, there’s no chance of that.”

“The other question though, is he going to retire, Alonso?” Slater added. “Is he so pessimistic about Aston next year that he might not carry on?

“As far as I understand it, the appetite for Aston Martin to continue with Alonso is still pretty strong too, nor do I understand that there’s any prospect of Lawrence Stroll selling up and quitting either, which has been a popular line of online exploration.

“So I think most likely he will continue with Aston Martin next year.”

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