Christian Horner warming up to Ford’s rival GM joining F1: ‘Growth in US is phenomenal’

Henry Valantine
Christian Horner at the Red Bull RB19 launch. New York February 2023.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner on stage at the launch of their 2023 car. New York.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has said new power unit partners Ford have not expressed any opinions over a potential Formula 1 entry from American rivals General Motors, through Cadillac.

The rivalry between the two American marques stretches back a century, primarily through Ford competing against GM brand Chevrolet on the open car market since the days of the famous Ford Model T.

And with Ford confirming its re-entry into Formula 1 after what will have been more than two decades out of the sport when they partner Red Bull on their 2026 power unit project, GM confirmed they are undergoing the FIA’s application process to become a new constructor in Formula 1, through Cadillac’s newfound partnership with Andretti Autosport.

Seeing the two American automotive giants go toe-to-toe in Formula 1 would be a tantalising prospect for fans of the sport Stateside, and the Red Bull team boss says their new partners have not voiced opposition against GM coming in – particularly with Red Bull and the other current constructors holding a crucial vote on whether or not new constructors can be allowed onto the grid.

“No, none at all,” Horner said in response to when asked if Ford have expressed any thoughts over their long-term rivals looking to enter Formula 1 as well.

“And I think it’s great for Formula 1 [that] there’s so much interest and particularly for the US. We’re seeing such growth in the US and I think it’s phenomenal that Ford have signed up and committed, it’s great that GM is showing interest.

“So you know, let’s see how it all pans out, but we’re delighted. This is an exciting, new and big chapter for Red Bull to be announcing this partnership.” recommends

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With Red Bull co-operating with former engine partners Honda through to the end of 2025 on their Red Bull Powertrains concept, Horner confirmed that Ford will pick up with them on the 2026-specification power unit, with significant changes expected between the two years.

A move to fully sustainable fuels is on the horizon, as is the removal of the heavy MGU-H element, meaning power units will be constructed very differently come 2026.

But when it came to choosing Ford as their new partners, the Red Bull team principal thinks they were the right choice for them in this regard.

“I think it was a matter of getting the best fit and I think this partnership really didn’t have any compromises,” Horner explained.

“It’s a great brand, it’s going to help us in the US, it’s going to help us technically.

“You know, we both know our swim lanes with what we’re doing. There’s going to be a great sharing of technology that we both should be able to benefit from, and so that’s really exciting.”