Christian Horner fires back at opponents ‘taking advantage’ of investigation

Sam Cooper
Christian Horner

Christian Horner spoke ahead of the race in Saudi Arabia.

Christian Horner has called out parties who he perceives are “taking advantage” of the situation following the investigation into the Red Bull boss.

The investigation into Horner has been concluded for a week now and yet it continues to rumble on with the Red Bull boss facing mounting pressure from even within his own camp.

Christian Horner fires back at Red Bull in-fighting

Horner has faced mounting pressure from within his own camp with the likes of Jos Verstappen speaking out against the Red Bull boss, suggesting the team would “explode” should he remain in charge.

But Horner has now criticised those he perceives as to be “taking advantage” of what is an internal Red Bull matter and said it was time to “draw a line and move on.”

“The only reason that this has gained so much attention, obviously, is because of the leakage and the tension that there’s been drawn in the media,” he said in Saudi Arabia, “which has been very, very trying, in many respects. Particularly for my family, because it’s all been focused very much in one direction.

“What has happened then after is that others have looked to take advantage of it. Unfortunately Formula 1 is a competitive business and there’s been obviously elements looking to benefit from it. That’s perhaps the not so pretty side of our industry.”

Horner also stated he believed it was time to “draw a line under it” and suggested the investigation process was as rigorous as could be.

“Obviously there’s been an awful lot of coverage surrounding this,” the 50-year-old said. “But one has to go back to the basics of a grievance was raised. It was fully investigated, and it was dismissed and from there, we move onwards. I think an awful lot has been made out of this.

“Obviously, it has been of great interest in different elements of the media for different reasons. I think the time now is to look forward and to draw a line under it. We’re here to go racing. We’re here as a Formula 1 team and the time now is to focus on what is going on on track and the performance of the cars and the drivers and where the spotlight should be during the course of a grand prix weekend.

“It was dealt with in the most professional manner by the group, not by Red Bull Racing, but by the owners of Red Bull Racing, Red Bull GmbH. recommends

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“The appointed and independent KC, that is one of the most reputable KCs in the land. He took time to investigate fully all of the facts. He interviewed all of the people involved together with others of interest. He looked at everything. He had all of the facts and he came to a conclusion where he dismissed the grievance.

“As far as I’m concerned, as far as Red Bull is concerned, we move on and we look to the future.”

With confirmation that the accuser had been suspended by the company, Horner was asked if any more details would be made public in the future and said he was legally unable to do so.

“It’s a complicated issue because there is a grievance process that takes place in any company,” he said. “That process is confidential between the individuals.

“I’m not at liberty, unfortunately, due to that confidentiality and out of respect to the company, and of course, the other party. We’re all bound by the same restrictions and so even if I would like to talk about it, I can’t because of those confidentiality restrictions.”

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