Christian Horner investigation: New details and updated timeline on decision emerge

Sam Cooper
Red Bull boss Christian Horner arrives at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Christian Horner will meet with an independent lawyer in London.

The outcome of the investigation into Christian Horner is unlikely to be revealed on Friday after the Red Bull boss met with an independent lawyer in central London.

Horner is the subject of an investigation into alleged inappropriate behaviour but Red Bull have not stated just what the complaint is in reference to.

The internal investigation is being led by parent company Red Bull GmbH who appointed an independent lawyer to carry out the process.

Christian Horner Red Bull meeting in London

The lawyer has already been working to gather evidence of the alleged incident and met with Horner for the first time today in London with the Red Bull boss able to explain his side of events.

As it is not a legal matter, this was not a hearing as such or a deposition but instead a chance for Horner to give his own version of the story.

According to Sky Sports, the meeting lasted a total of eight hours from 10am until 6pm on Friday.

“I have been guided away from expecting an outcome to this investigation today,” reporter Craig Slater said on Sky Sports News on Friday morning.

“I think you’re right not to call it a hearing which is what it’s been mostly described as. I think this is more of a meeting and an interview by the investigators with Christian Horner which will be, as I understand it, in a central London location today rather than at the team’s headquarters in Milton Keynes. So I’m not expecting an outcome today.

“Clearly [it is] a very significant day. We know that Red Bull are taking this investigation very seriously. There’s an allegation of inappropriate behaviour by Christian Horner by a female member of staff and I understand that relates to controlling and potentially coercive behaviour.

“That’s what we’re looking at here in terms of what Christian Horner is being accused of. recommends

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Internal investigation launched by Red Bull against team boss Christian Horner

“He has emphatically denied the allegations and is going to work to clear his name but this could be the first step, I’ve been led to understand, in a process which could go on for a while.”

As for the length of the process, Slater said he would not be surprised if Horner was spoken to multiple times and that it would not follow a “Formula 1 timetable.”

“It’s the first interview with Christian Horner, there might be the potential for a second interview, I think he is prepared for that and is expecting it to be quite a long day.

“As I understand that, I think we’re talking about a process which will start sometime mid-morning and will continue into the afternoon, the investigators have pledged to be through with this.

“For those thinking, this could either be concluded today or possibly in advance of the Red Bull launch, which is the 15th of February next Thursday, well that isn’t a certainty.

“This is not going to operate as I understand it to a Formula 1 timetable, it will operate to a timetable appropriate to get a clear and fair solution for both parties.”

According to the Times, the issue is unlikely to be resolved before the RB20 launch with the Bahrain GP a more realistic target.

Horner has also been in the office since Wednesday, even filming material for RB20 launch, and Red Bull have made a point of not sharing meeting details with Milton Keynes staff.

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