Christian Horner investigation: Red Bull boss quizzed again on allegations

Michelle Foster
Christian Horner speaking in a press conference.

The investigation into Christian Horner was made public at the start of February.

Christian Horner had no comments when quizzed about the ongoing Red Bull GmbH investigation into his alleged behaviour, allegations he has denied.

It’s business as usual for Red Bull team principal Horner, who is present in Bahrain this week as Red Bull put their RB20 through its paces in pre-season testing.

Business as usual, though, meant attending Thursday’s team boss press conference.

Christian Horner: No comment

Additional reporting by Thomas Maher

But while Horner was happy to speak about the latest Adrian Newey design and the team’s 2024 preparations, when it came to the investigation, “no comment” were the two words he uttered the most.

The team boss was grilled in the press conference, and asked how people can take the investigation ‘seriously’ given he has been left in charge instead of being made to ‘step aside’.

He replied to media including “As you are well aware there is a process going on and as I form part of that process I’m afraid I cannot comment.”

As for when that verdict will come, the team boss having previously called it a “distraction”, the 50-year-old replied: “Look, I’m totally sorry but I really can’t comment on the process or the timescale.”

Adding that everyone wants it finished “as soon as possible”, he continued “but I’m really not at liberty to comment on the process.” recommends

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Earlier this month both the FIA and Formula 1 put out statements urging Red Bull to reach a swift conclusion with reports suggesting it may not happen until after the opening race of the season.

As such it has been claimed Red Bull GmbH are now seeking to accelerate the process, but Marko insists they won’t be rushed.

“As you know, this is an internal investigation,” the motorsport advisor told Red Bull’s ServusTV channel.

“The sooner a result is available, the better because of course, rumours and other stories are bound to sprout due to the long duration. [But] I think Red Bull has reacted very well in this matter.

“The long duration of this investigation is not their fault. They are endeavouring to [have] a fair investigation and then react accordingly.”

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