Toto Wolff calls out equality ‘issue for all of F1’ in midst of Christian Horner investigation

Sam Cooper
Toto Wolff in the Bahrain paddock.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

Toto Wolff has urged all of F1 to take a look inwards in regards to sexual equality in the wake of the investigation into Christian Horner.

The Red Bull boss is currently being investigated by parent company Red Bull GmbH after a complaint was raised from an employee in regards to inappropriate behaviour, something Horner strongly denies.

The 50-year-old was present in Bahrain for the first day of pre-season testing as was Wolff and he was asked if F1 should do more to promote equality.

Toto Wolff responds to Christian Horner investigation

Additional reporting by Thomas Maher

Wolff, who is the second-longest team principal behind Horner in the paddock, said that with the increased focus on the sport, everyone should use their platform to promote good causes,

“I think it’s clear Formula 1, and that the team’s too, we stand for inclusion, equality, fairness, diversity,” he told media including

“And it’s not only about talking about it but living it day in and day out. I think this is the standard that we set ourselves.

“We are a global sport, one of the most important sports platforms in the world, and we are role models.”

Referring to the Horner investigation specifically, Wolff said that had seen a lot of “speculation” over the last few weeks but whatever the outcome, the sport should take it as a time for reflection. recommends

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“Having said that, there is a lot of speculation that’s been happening over the last weeks. Speculation that we have all heard of and lots of things that are going on.

“I think what’s important in that stage is to process with rigour. I think for Red Bull it started as an independent investigation, if this is done in the right way with transparency and with the rigour, I think that’s something that we need to look at whatever the outcomes are.

“What it means for Formula 1 and how we can learn from that, because we want to talk about racing cars and we want to talk about this a lot, rather than these kinds of very, very critical topics that are more just the team’s issue.

“So it’s a phenomenon, or it’s an issue, for all Formula 1 and in general, for every individual that works here.”

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