Christian Horner reveals what could endanger Red Bull chances of undefeated F1 2023

Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen with the number '1' board. Belgium July 2023

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen with the number '1' board. Belgium July 2023

Christian Horner gave a slight glimmer of hope to their rivals by stating all Red Bull’s focus now goes into 2024.

Both titles are Red Bull’s in all but name with the team enjoying healthy leads in the two championships.

But it is not just trophies the Milton Keynes squad are after but also breaking F1 records.

Focus on 2024 could give Red Bull’s rivals a chance

Red Bull have already surpassed the McLaren team of 1988 by winning 13 consecutive races and right now it looks as if Red Bull will do one thing that McLaren team could not, win every race in a year.

The duo of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost came close, failing to win only at Monza in 16-race season, but the challenge is even more daunting for Red Bull with 10 races still to go in 2023.

But while it looks as if no team can currently get near – Max Verstappen finished 54.564 seconds ahead of any non-Red Bull driver in Belgium – it is the team’s hunger for more titles that may open the door to their rivals. recommends

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Speaking to Channel 4 after Verstappen’s win in Spa, team principal and CEO Horner said all the focus now goes into designing and building 2024’s car.

“We’ve had an amazing start and of course, all our focus really goes on to next year at this point in time because in six months, we’ve got to build a completely new car,” he said.

“That’s the same challenge for everybody. Of course, we’ve got dramatically less development time in the wind tunnel so we have to apply our resources very, very carefully and sparsely and so that’s a big challenge.”

Horner went on to praise the work of some of the lesser known faces including the likes of tyre technician Greg Reeson who collected the trophy on the Belgian podium.

“I think that just demonstrates that again the good work that is going on in all departments behind the scenes.

“Today, we sent Greg, one of our tyre technicians, to go and get the trophy. He’s one of those guys again that works tireless hours.

“This week has been a nightmare. Wet, dry, mediums blah, blah, blah and it’s every department that is doing their bit to achieve this kind of result.”

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