Date set for Christian Horner and Red Bull meeting after inappropriate behaviour allegations

Jamie Woodhouse
Christian Horner with a headset on in the paddock.

Red Bull's Christian Horner wears a headset.

Red Bull and Christian Horner will meet on Friday in relation to an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

Red Bull Racing’s parent company, Red Bull GmbH, confirmed to on Monday that they have opened an internal investigation into team principal Horner, but they did not reveal any further details at this stage.

“After being made aware of certain recent allegations, the company launched an independent investigation,” said Red Bull GmbH’s statement.

Red Bull and Christian Horner allegedly meeting on February 9 now understands that Red Bull GmbH and Horner have a meeting scheduled on Friday February 9 in regards to the investigation, with Horner’s position as team principal and chief executive of Red Bull Racing stable during the process of the investigation.

Horner, who has served as team boss at Red Bull Racing since they joined the Formula 1 grid in 2005, has denied any wrongdoing, telling De Telegraaf: “I completely deny these claims.” recommends

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Williams team principal James Vowles was the first F1team boss to be asked about the Horner allegations when speaking to Bloomberg TV following the launch of their F1 2024 challenger, the FW46.

He replied: “The sport itself, wind back 20 years ago, male-dominated without question. If you had to ask me what makes up a team, it would be white, more than likely male, more likely 40 years old, something in that ballpark.

“That’s changing and it’s only a positive that’s changing that result.

“I can only control what happens within Williams.

“And what I can do within the environment is open everyone’s eyes to this is how we have to be, because the best ideas don’t come from being a closed group of individuals, it comes from diversity.

“These allegations are allegations, I’m afraid I don’t have any understanding of what is behind them and the significance of what has happened.

“All I can say is that should this ever happen in our guard we’ll be entirely supportive in terms of fixing it and making sure we have a culture that is accepting of everyone.”

Red Bull are preparing to launch their RB20 challenger on February 15, the successor to the record-shattering RB19 which claimed 21 grands prix wins out of 22 last season.

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