Christian Horner drops Red Bull prediction to give rivals hope for F1 2024

Sam Cooper
Christian Horner, Red Bull

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner must find a way to improve on 2023.

Christian Horner has predicted that even his dominant Red Bull team will be unable to replicate their 2023 season.

Red Bull were one win short of a perfect season as they strolled to both titles in 2023.

But the odds of doing that again are unlikely according to team boss and CEO Horner.

Christian Horner predicts tougher 2024 season

Speaking towards the tail end of 2023, Horner praised not just Drivers’ Champion Max Verstappen, but the whole team and suggested it would be a very hard achievement to replicate.

“It’s been the most amazing, amazing year,” he told Channel 4. “Max has been sensational but the whole team, the way it’s gelled, the way it’s come together because there’s been so many challenges, different tracks, different circumstances, weather conditions, everything that’s been thrown at us and we’ve responded to it all.

“That’s just a fairy tale. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to replicate a year like we’ve had this year.

“I don’t think any of us could have ever dreamt in our wildest dreams that this would happen. I think that it’s going to take a little while for this season to sink in.”

But with the Christmas period behind us, the focus is now fully on their 2024 car with Red Bull one of a number of teams yet to announce their launch date. recommends

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To that point, Horner suggested that even a car as successful as the RB19 can be improved upon.

“You can always improve,” the 50-year-old told Sky Sports. “And that’s what Formula 1 is all about.

“It’s always looking at where you can be better and with the RB19, whilst it ticks a lot of boxes, there are still areas that we can improve that we’ll be taking a look into for RB20.

“That’s Formula 1. That’s competition. It’s all those marginal gains that you’re pursuing.”

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