Red Bull upgrade plan revealed with two key questions posed by Christian Horner

Henry Valantine
Max Verstappen, Red Bull, 2024 Monaco Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen wasn't happy with his Red Bull RB20 in Monaco qualifying.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is looking to solve the team’s ride issues with its next upgrades, after both drivers complained of its performance over the kerbs in Monaco.

Max Verstappen in particular likened his RB20 to a ‘go-kart’ for how his suspension felt over the weekend, with the reigning World Champion crossing the line sixth and Sergio Perez going out in Q1, prior to his first-lap contact with Kevin Magnussen.

Christian Horner asks two key questions for next Red Bull upgrades

Additional reporting by Sam Cooper

Red Bull still lead both World Championship standings by healthy margins after the Monaco Grand Prix, but have seen their advantage at the front of the field eaten into as Horner explained the team have hit the “law of diminishing returns” with the current set of regulations, whilst others are still finding time.

But when it comes to how they are going to approach upgrading the RB20, Horner hopes the team will be able to address the immediate concerns raised by their drivers from the weekend.

“I think it’s a continual process,” Horner told media including in Monaco when asked about what the team’s next steps are regarding upgrades.

“So, of course, you’re into the law of diminishing returns. And of course, your focus changes depending on what your problems are.

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“So I think quite a lot of focus will now happen or will now take part on ‘Okay, why have we had these ride issues? Why is the car struggling on the kerbs?’

“The VCARB car is running with our suspension from last year [and it] didn’t seem to have the same issues. So, you know, we need to understand, is it something that we’ve introduced?”

With Red Bull’s rivals McLaren and Ferrari having introduced large rafts of upgrades in one go over the season so far, Horner explained that any new parts on the RB20 have had to ‘earn’ their place, given the performance it holds.

As such, the team are reluctant to introduce significant upgrade packages.

“Well, I think we’re a bit more iterative,” Horner said of Red Bull’s approach compared to their rivals.

“So obviously, we’ve bought some pieces here and there, and they’ve done what they’ve said on the tin.

“But when you start to get to the top of the curve, you get into a law of diminishing returns in terms of the amount of development that is earning its place on the car. And of course, with the cost cap now, you have to be very selective of when you introduce those upgrades.”

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