Christian Horner’s first reaction as ‘true legend’ Adrian Newey announces split from Red Bull

Thomas Maher
Christian Horner and Adrian Newey celebrating the team's Monaco win. Monaco, May 2023.

Christian Horner and Adrian Newey celebrating the team's Monaco win. Monaco, May 2023.

Christian Horner has responded to the departure of Adrian Newey in just under a year’s time, having worked together for almost two decades.

The legendary car designer will depart Red Bull after the first quarter of the 2025 F1 season, just under a year from the announcement that he will leave the team.

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Newey partnered up with Red Bull after having his head turned during the 2006 F1 season, with the 2007 Red Bull being the first car from Milton Keynes in which he had design input.

Since then, Newey has helped develop cars over two separate dominant stints – the first being between 2010 and ’13 with which Sebastian Vettel won four consecutive titles, followed by between 2022 and today as Max Verstappen continues to dominate the sport.

Newey has opted to walk away from Red Bull, and perhaps F1, after almost two decades at Milton Keynes, having helped turn a fledgling small F1 team into one of the most successful outfits in the history of the sport.

With Newey also playing a key role in developing the new RB17 hypercar, set to begin production in 2025, team boss Christian Horner paid tribute to the man as he leaves for pastures unknown.

“All of our greatest moments from the past 20 years have come with Adrian’s hand on the technical tiller,” Horner said.

“His vision and brilliance have helped us to 13 titles in 20 seasons.

“His exceptional ability to conceptualise beyond F1 and bring wider inspiration to bear on the design of grand prix cars, his remarkable talent for embracing change and finding the most rewarding areas of the rules to focus on, and his relentless will to win have helped Red Bull Racing to become a greater force than I think even the late Dietrich Mateschitz might have imagined. recommends

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“More than that, the past 19 years with Adrian have been enormous fun.

“For me, when Adrian joined Red Bull, he was already a superstar designer. Two decades and 13 Championships later he leaves as a true legend. He is also my friend and someone I will be eternally grateful to for everything he brought to our partnership.

“The legacy he leaves behind will echo through the halls of Milton Keynes and RB17 Track Car will be a fitting testament and legacy to his time with us.”

Newey has been closely linked with some other F1 teams, including Ferrari and Aston Martin. There’s not yet any solid indication that the British designer is leaving to join another team, and understands from sources familiar with the situation that Newey may simply have grown weary of F1 as he approaches near four decades in the sport – a sabbatical or outright retirement may be next on Newey’s list.

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