Christian Horner told to ‘resign as soon as possible’ by defiant Ralf Schumacher

Sam Cooper
Ralf Schumacher and Christian Horner

Ralf Schumacher has told Christian Horner to walk away from his Red Bull job.

Ralf Schumacher has doubled down on his criticism of Christian Horner and said the Red Bull team principal should “resign as soon as possible.”

It has not been hard to grasp which side of the debate Schumacher is on having repeatedly criticised Horner, but he has gone even further now and said the Red Bull boss must resign immediately.

Christian Horner told to walk away by Ralf Schumacher

Horner would appear to be over the worst of it with Red Bull GmbH dismissing an initial investigation into him, but with reports that a complaint was also filed to the FIA, it would seem the matter is not yet over.

Schumacher, though, believes enough is enough and said Horner should “resign as soon as possible.

“It became problematic for me when he portrayed himself as a victim in the press conference in Saudi Arabia,” he told SPORT1.

“I’m sorry for his family, yes, but there was only one person who started this whole thing: him. I think it can no longer be denied that he and his personal assistant must have become very close. I can’t accept that he keeps saying he doesn’t want to talk about it in detail.

“I can say from my own experience when it comes to my divorce: Yes, it is difficult at the beginning when such a private matter is carried out in public.

“But there comes a time when we have to talk about it because in the end it’s what’s best for all parties. For example, you don’t hear anything from Horner’s employee and that’s not good. Nobody talks about her.

“One thing is certain: As long as this chaos remains, it will do immense damage to Red Bull. Horner said that no one is more important than the team. Therefore, he should follow this command and resign as soon as possible.” recommends

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It would not be the first time Schumacher has taken aim at Horner and previously accused him of “playing the role of victim.”

Schumacher has now said the case “outshines everything.”

“What I found and still think is a shame: the Christian Horner case outshines everything,” the brother of Michael and uncle of Mick said.

“This became particularly clear on the first weekend in Bahrain. It wasn’t until race day that there was a little talk about the sport.

“What also bothers me about the whole thing: An objective assessment is extremely difficult because there is a complete lack of transparency.

“Everything should be sorted out as quickly as possible. It wouldn’t hurt anyone if he left. It would be important for the Red Bull brand.”

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