The Christian Horner reveal that spells both good and bad news for rivals

Henry Valantine
Christian Horner on the pit wall. Baku, April 2023.

Christian Horner on the pit wall. Baku, April 2023.

Christian Horner has revealed that attention at Red Bull is already beginning to turn to their 2024 car, with 15 races still to go in 2023.

The team have won seven races out of seven to begin the campaign, with the RB19 proving to be the dominant force on the grid and Max Verstappen leading the Drivers’ Championship by 53 points as it stands.

Red Bull are already the runaway leaders in the Constructors’ Championship as well, with a tight fight behind breaking out already to be best of the rest – but both titles already look to be something of a foregone conclusion, barring a huge change in fortune.

While the team’s penalty for breaching the 2021 budget cap will see Red Bull even less able to utilise their wind tunnel facilities compared to their rivals in 2023, the advantage they have over the rest of the field may make such a penalty seem immaterial at this moment in time, with the race behind being simply to catch up.

If attention is turning to Red Bull’s 2024 challenger already, it may well inspire hope among the rest of the field for being able to catch up some of the deficit they hold this year.

The down side for Red Bull’s rivals, however, is that the reigning World Champions are seemingly maximising the amount of time available to potentially build an even better car for next year.

After another dominant victory for Verstappen in Spain at the weekend, the Red Bull team principal enthused about the RB19 – even making a bold claim about where it sits within the pantheon of the team’s greatest cars already. recommends

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“There’s a lot going on,” Horner told Channel 4 about the current behind-the-scenes work at Milton Keynes.

“I mean, we’re building an engine for 2026. That’s consuming a lot of focus in the background, and obviously, we’re having to start thinking about next year’s car as well now.

“But you know, the motivation in the factory is just sky high and you have to remember we came off the back of some very difficult years, and so the days like [Spain], they really mean something.

“You never lose that feeling of a victory or take it for granted because for sure, there will be difficult days ahead, but it’s days like [Sunday] that you have to keep in your memory bank.

“I think the guys in Milton Keynes have just done such an amazing job that this is one of the best cars we’ve ever produced, and to win that race by 24 seconds, with no Safety Cars or anything like that, was a great performance.”