Christian Horner reveals the secrets to Red Bull’s success as dominant charge continues

Sam Cooper
Christian Horner and Adrian Newey celebrating the team's Monaco win. Monaco, May 2023.

Christian Horner and Adrian Newey celebrating the team's Monaco win. Monaco, May 2023.

Christian Horner believes Red Bull’s culture is the biggest factor behind their recent Formula 1 success.

Red Bull are on an unprecedented run of 13 consecutive victories and look assured to seal both titles in quick fashion this season.

At the moment, it is hard to see who is capable of stopping the Milton Keynes outfit from winning every race this year and Horner has pinpointed what is behind that success.

Culture the biggest factor says Christian Horner

Horner has been at the Red Bull helm since 2005 and has always fostered the same kind of mentality throughout the team.

Asked what has led to their recent success, Horner said the biggest contributing was that culture that he helped to install.

“I think the secret to success is the culture that flows throughout the business,” he told ESPN. “[It is] very much a can-do attitude. Everybody loves winning and so we celebrate every success.

“We obviously had some difficult years where we were trying to get back into a winning position but nobody lost focus on what the target was, what the goal was and what the ambition was. I’ve never seen motivation higher on the campus.”

Red Bull beating opponents in every area

The Red Bull staff have become some of the hottest properties in the F1 paddock and while some like Dan Fallows have slipped through the net, the majority have stayed on and Horner believes that has also played a part in their success.

“Every single area is doing their job,” he said. “Pit stops, strategy, reliability, aerodynamics, mechanical design, upgrades. Everybody through all the 22 different departments that we have is delivering at a level where they’re outperforming their opponents.

“That’s what you have to do to win in this sport. I think that when you see the one thing that everybody has in common is the car and the performance of that car on a Sunday afternoon. What it means to everybody to see that car cross the line first has huge value to us.

“I don’t want to dwell too much on those seven long years but it was clear that there was a huge amount of things that your team was good at but you were being hamstrung usually by the engine or occasionally by other things.” recommends

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Red Bull were ‘battle-hardened’ for 2021 fight

The start of this recent Red Bull success can date back to 2021 when the team ended Mercedes’ seven years of success by winning the Drivers’ title.

It was the most intense title fight of recent memory and one of the most intense in F1 history and Horner believes Red Bull survived it by being “battle-hardened” from years away from the top step of the podium.

“We came off a winning streak and then suddenly we were turning up at a race and we had no chance of success,” Horner recalled. “I think that tested the team in many respects. But we stuck together and we focused on things that we could influence.

“I think that the way the team reacted, it hardened the team in many respects during that period and the races we won, we had to scrap hard because we were running with a handicap effectively.

“If you look at the races that we won, and in those years, there were many of them which were opportunistic wins or wins on circuits where power didn’t play a pivotal focus.

“2021 was the most epic season, I think, probably in the history of the sport and we were ready for that challenge. We were battle hardened from those intervening years.”

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