Christian Horner holds ‘terrifying’ power at Red Bull claims former F1 driver

Michelle Foster
Christian Horner speaking in a press conference.

The investigation into Christian Horner was made public at the start of February.

Former F1 driver Christijan Albers believes it is “terrifying” that Christian Horner still holds so much power at Red Bull.

Red Bull team boss Horner has been the topic of many a headline in the last six weeks after Red Bull confirmed the Briton was under investigation for alleged inappropriate behaviour.

Christijan Albers: I think a lot more will surface

Red Bull GmbH dismissed that investigation on the eve of the Bahrain Grand Prix but that has done nothing to calm the storm.

Fuelled by Jos Verstappen calling for Horner’s resignation shortly after the two were seen in a heated altercation, the saga rolled on in Saudi Arabia where Helmut Marko revealed he could be suspended as there was yet another investigation going on, this time into the leaks regarding the Horner investigation.

That led to Max Verstappen throwing his support by Marko, saying if the Austrian was ousted, he too would walk away from Red Bull.

That threat was negated 24 hours later when Marko said after a meeting with Red Bull’s higher-ups that he “will stay” on as the team’s motorsport advisor.

But that Horner is even still in charge at Red Bull is a worry for former F1 driver Albers.

Speaking on De Telegraaf’s podcast, he reportedly said it is “terrifying” that Horner is still holding on to so much power within the Red Bull camp.

“Because,” he added, “by the way it’s all being picked up and it’s just being waved away, then you make someone on the other side extra angry. I think a lot more will surface.

“Then, still, [Horner has] this drive and envy to still be able to get that number one position and just chop everyone’s head off.” recommends

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Has Red Bull reached uneasy truce after conclusion of Christian Horner investigation?

Albers also credited Marko, not Horner, with Red Bull’s successful driver programme that has seen Sebastian Vettel and Verstappen win multiple titles with the Formula 1 team.

“If you start looking very realistically, which drivers did he put in the car and which drivers did Dr Marko put in the car?” he said. “Looking at success, with all due respect, all success comes from Marko.

“So if you really start looking at who has a view on talent, there is absolutely no debate on that. That’s just Dr Marko, who has always made the right choices.”

Speaking to the media in Saudi Arabia, Horner made it very clear who was in charge at Red Bull Racing.

“I think that there’s probably too much said already by other parties,” the 50-year-old said in Saudi Arabia.

“The team is the team, Max is part of the team, Helmut is part of the team, I lead this team, and everybody has a key role to play.”

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