Christian Horner’s F1 demand in X-rated Las Vegas Grand Prix assessment

Sam Cooper
Geri and Christian Horner.

Christian Horner has largely been in favour of the Las Vegas race.

Christian Horner believes everyone is leaving Las Vegas “slightly f***ed” after the inaugural race on the world famous Strip.

After years of anticipation, F1 finally took to the streets of Las Vegas last weekend and while the event did not go off without a hitch, the race itself proved to be an exciting one.

As for Horner’s view, he believes a change is needed to the schedule to make it easier for the staff.

Christian Horner highlights scheduling issues in Vegas

With a halfway house needed to find a suitable time for both US and European audiences, 10PM local time was settled on for the start of the race which meant some odd days for the on-site staff.

Especially after the events of Thursday, team personnel were asked to work until 6AM in the morning before trying to sleep during the day.

Horner suggested that needs changing, even if it meant cutting off the European audience.

“It’s been a big event and, like in anything, there’ll be a bit of a debrief to go through what was good and what needs a bit of polishing,” Horner said.

“When you look at the interest there has been in this race, it has been phenomenal. As a first event, of course, there are going to be many lessons to learn.

“I think one of the things we look at is the running schedule because it’s been brutal for the team, and all the men and women behind the scenes. I think everybody’s leaving Vegas slightly f**ked. recommends

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“We need to look at how we can improve that for the future. We’re running so late at night, so maybe we run it a little earlier in the evening.

“You’re never going to keep every television audience totally happy. This is an American race, so if you run at eight o’clock in the evening, or something like that, it would just be a bit more comfortable for all.”

In comparison, Miami on the East Coast started at 8:30PM UK time while Austin began at 8PM.

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