Williams: Unsustainable F1 has been exposed

Michelle Foster
Williams garage FW43

Williams garage FW43

Claire Williams has praised her F1 rivals for working together to ensure the sport’s survival but admits she’s disappointed that what would have been the 2021 rules aren’t already in play.

The Formula 1 team bosses are meeting with Liberty Media and the FIA several times every week to discuss the best ways to ensure not only F1 but all 10 teams survive the current financial crisis.

The teams have already all voted to carry over this year’s chassis for next season and defer what would have been the 2021 regulations to 2022.

They have also said yes to reducing the budget cap to $150m while talks about a further reduction are taking place, although on this the big and small teams aren’t finding common ground.

Williams has praised Formula 1 for its response.

She told Sky Sports: “I think this an opportunity and as I said, I think Formula 1 and the model within which we operate has been exposed as probably an unsustainable model when something like this happens.

“This is unprecedented and this is crisis mode and it is incredibly difficult to navigate your way through.

“Survival is critical, and we have to put the work in now, so that should a similar situation arise, god forbid, we are all much better protected, rather than having to scramble like we are having to do now.

“We are working incredibly hard not just within Williams but within the sport as a whole. Formula 1 really does come together in these circumstances.

“The bigger teams understand the work they need to do to ensure the smaller teams’ survival. The smaller teams understand and sympathise with what we are asking of the bigger teams.”

In fact her only complaint is that the Formula 1 teams didn’t agree years go on the 2021 technical changes or the budget cap.

She reckons if those were already in play the financial crisis would have been a lot less hard hitting.

“What is disappointing is that [we don’t have] the new regulations that were coming in for 2021 which we’d got to a really good place with and which were going to really set a great future for all of our teams,” the deputy Williams boss explained.

“I think if we had those regulations implemented two years ago, we might not all be as concerned as we are now.

“We are a little exposed at the moment. But I trust that we will get through this. I am eternally optimistic.”

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