Classic Lewis Hamilton race gear draws huge valuation on TV show

Jamie Woodhouse
Lewis Hamilton drives McLaren F1 car. England, June 2008.

Lewis Hamilton driving his 2008 title-winning McLaren. England, June 2008.

A package of signed Lewis Hamilton race gear dating back to his first title-winning year was given a whopping valuation of £10,000.

Hamilton has over the years become one of, and perhaps the most marketable Formula 1 driver of all time, but all the way back in 2008 his stock was already sky high, as he went from bursting onto the scene with McLaren in 2007 to claiming his first of seven World Championship titles to date the following year.

And an unnamed guest would appear on the programme ‘Antiques Roadshow’ armed with some very special items from that year.

The package of memorabilia featured a signed Lewis Hamilton helmet and race suit, with the guest detailing how these items came to be in his family’s possession via a competition win that year.

Explaining that 2008 was when he first started watching Formula 1, while he has been hooked ever since, the guest revealed that his dad had entered a competition, as he was not old enough, and went on to actually win it.

Among the key perks of the competition win was a tour of the McLaren factory in Woking before flying by helicopter to the ‘Top Gear’ test track, where Hamilton was waiting for a meet-and-greet and to drive the winner around the track, the guest’s dad speaking very positively of Hamilton and the experience. recommends

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Hilary Kay, who was offering the valuation, noted that while the gear was not worn by Hamilton in active Formula 1 competition, its association and signatures nonetheless meant it would carry value for collectors, especially with the VIP pass thrown in which was also signed by Hamilton.

Just how much value came as quite the shock though, as Kay estimated a figure of “around £10,000”.

“That’s a lot more than I was expecting,” came the response from the guest after taking a moment to compose himself.

Despite that eye-watering sum, the guest did claim they would hold on to the collection for the “foreseable future” and look to add further to it.

And the value will likely only grow from here, especially if Hamilton, now a long-standing Mercedes driver, is successful in setting the ultimate Formula 1 record with an eighth World Championship.