Colombia the latest country eyeing an F1 race

Henry Valantine
Formula 1 marshals hold up a flag of Colombia. USA October 2021.

Marshals in Austin hold up a flag of Colombia in front of a grandstand. USA October 2021.

Colombia’s president, Ivan Duque, has revealed the country is looking at putting forward a proposal for hosting a Formula 1 grand prix.

President Duque said a semi-urban track could be built in the port city of Baranquilla on the north coast of Colombia, with city mayor Jaime Pumarejo having also offered his support for the idea of a Colombian Grand Prix.

He acknowledged the city would need to make changes to facilitate a race to happen in the future, and revealed conversations with Formula 1 have already taken place.

“Dreams, as a team, we are capable of making them come true,” President Duque told a ‘Building a Country Workshop’ in Colombia, quoted by El Tiempo.

“Mayor Pumarejo says there is an option to present a project to have a Formula 1 circuit.

“That seems far away, but the mayor has already been in talks with the Formula 1 team.

“Adaptations have to be made, but it can be a semi-urban circuit on a layout that will be reviewed by the organisers.

“Given it is a sporting proposal, the mayor has our support.”

Juan Pablo Montoya is one of only three Colombian drivers to have raced in Formula 1, with Roberto Guerrero having driven for Ensign and Theodore in 1982 and 1983 respectively, while Ricardo Londono took part in the 1981 Brazilian Grand Prix weekend.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has enthused about the interest from around the world about hosting races in the future, saying the sport could put a 30-race calendar together “tomorrow” such is the global attraction of holding a grand prix.


In 2022, a record 23-race calendar is now in place for the upcoming season – and there is provision within the current Concorde Agreement between the teams and the FIA to plan up to 25 races per year.

After debuting in 2021, Qatar will be coming onto the full-time calendar in 2023, while Saudi Arabia debuted last season and Miami will make a first appearance on the schedule in May 2022.


F1 could have 30-race calendar ‘tomorrow’

F1 could have up to 30 races in a year after new interest has grown.