Cryptic Fernando Alonso prediction after ‘deserves so much more’ from F1 claim made

Henry Valantine
Fernando Alonso in the Miami paddock.

Fernando Alonso has been searching for an elusive 33rd Grand Prix victory since 2013.

Former Formula 1 driver Pedro de la Rosa believes friend and compatriot Fernando Alonso “deserves so much more” from Formula 1, and predicted that “everything will balance itself” in time.

De la Rosa, now an Aston Martin ambassador, works with Alonso in his current role and believes that there is still more to come from the two-time World Champion, after he signed a new contract to stay with the Silverstone-based team beyond the end of the season.

Fernando Alonso ‘deserves so much more’ from Formula 1 – Pedro de la Rosa

Despite Alonso’s two World Championships and 32 race wins putting him well among the pantheon of the all-time greats of the sport, a combined 11 extra points across the 2007, 2010 and 2012 seasons could have made him a five-time champion.

While that is all ifs, buts and maybes in the grand scheme of things, De la Rosa pointed out that the statistics under Alonso’s belt perhaps belie the talent and longevity the Aston Martin driver has shown at the top of the sport.

As a result, he believes that staying in the sport longer will offer Alonso time to give him the results that he deserves to add what is ‘missing’ from his trophy cabinet – with his most recent race victory having come at the Spanish Grand Prix back in 2013.

“I always think that at the end of the day, or the end of any story, everything will come, everything will balance itself, and he deserves so much more from the sport,” De la Rosa told RacingNews365.

“Not because of how much he’s put into it, because I think other drivers have made that effort and have pushed themselves since they were kids as well, but because his passion, dedication, and raw talent, deserve a lot more than two World Championships.

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“So I always say to myself that time will give him what he’s missing right now.

“In the same sense, I’m very critical with myself. I’ve always said not winning a race or a World Championship was because other guys did a better job.

“I’ve always been very clear on that because it’s important to sleep well at night.

“The moment you start thinking there are injustices, it is not good for any sportsman.

“You have to believe that what you have is what you deserve, but Fernando deserves more basically.”

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