Hill predicts a ‘flat out’ but unusual season

Finley Crebolder

Damon Hill thinks that, due to its shortened nature, the upcoming 2020 season will be flat out every race, but unusual.

There are currently eight races confirmed to take place this year. The sport is hoping to increase that total to a maximum of 18 races, but either way, the calendar will be less busy than usual.

Hill thinks that the number of races will hugely affect how the title fight plays out, saying that if there’s less, it will cause the drivers to be more aggressive.

“This year’s championship is going to be curious because if they have a reduced number of races, it’s going to be flat out every race,” he told Autosport on the Race of My Life podcast.

Another consequence of a shorter calendar will be that there will be less development on the cars. Haas has already confirmed they won’t be putting any upgrades on their challenger for the time being. In modern-day Formula 1, this is unheard of.

“You’re not going to get a chance to see whether or not there’s a trend through the season, there’s not going to be any development,” the 1996 world champion added.

“So I think it’s going to be quite an unusual kind of championship, this one.”

The next edition to the 2020 schedule could be confirmed as early as this weekend, with a second Italian Grand Prix reportedly close to being agreed.

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