Ex-aero chief Dan Fallows on what makes Red Bull team so good

Sam Cooper
Logo illustration for Red Bull Racing at the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Logo illustration for Red Bull Racing.

Ex-Red Bull aero chief Dan Fallows detailed just whats makes Red Bull so good and how he hopes to achieve that at Aston Martin.

Fallows was at Red Bull for 16 years before making the switch to Aston Martin in 2022 and was an integral part of building a car that won four consecutive World Drivers’ Championships.

He joined the team at the very start and was part of not only establishing them as a name on the grid but also a title contender. Since then he has taken up a similar challenge at Aston Martin who are a team with their own lofty ambitions.

The former Red Bull man was asked what makes the Milton Keynes based outfit so good and revealed it was their ability to “iron out issues in every aspect of the team.”

“There are a number of reasons why Red Bull are as good as they are,” Fallows told the media including PlanetF1 following a tour of the new Aston Martin factory.

“They’ve managed to, over a period of years, iron out issues in every aspect of the team. So whether that be the race team, the manufacturing facilities, the design office.

“A lot of building that kind of success is making sure that there are no areas where you have substantial weaknesses. I’m very proud that I was part of that on the engineering side.

“They’re an incredibly strong team. I do have an experience of what it means to win races and win Championships and I think really the key message is that you just have to make sure that with every aspect of what you’re doing there are no holes, there are no things which you’re doing that can be compromised or can compromise your performance as you go along.”

Fallows has previously said the current atmosphere around his new team Aston Martin feels the same as it did at Red Bull following their acquisition of the Jaguar team.

He was asked how close he believes Aston Martin are to acheiving the same success as his former outfit and stressed that it was important not to replicate other teams and that they must do things their own way.

“The important thing for us is to make sure that we don’t just replicate what our competitors are doing,” the 49-year-old said. “We don’t believe that’s going to help us overtake the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari. So we have to develop our own way of doing things and that does take time.

“We’ve got a hugely ambitious group of people and one of the things about seeing the new factory come together is it demonstrates this momentum, this vision, this wish to kind of accelerate the process of moving up the grid and starting to get into a winning situation.

“I think that’s what’s really going to help us get there is this passion, this motivation and this belief that we will get there eventually.”

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