Don’t blank Danny Ric, it ‘p**ses’ him off

Michelle Foster


One of the friendliest chaps on the grid, Daniel Ricciardo has revealed the one thing that really “pisses” him off about his rivals.

Ricciardo is known for his easy smile and jokes in the paddock, however, the Honey Badger has his limits.

One of those is being blanked by a rival.

“Ultimately each driver believes that they are better than the guy next to them,” he said in an interview with Esquire Magazine.

“On the grid, I tend to be quite friendly with people, but if I smile at someone and they blank me — it kind of pisses me off.

“I take it personally for sure.”

While the Aussie wouldn’t single out any one driver with a “chip on their shoulder”, he did reveal that Kimi Raikkonen used to be one of those who ignored him.

Ricciardo and Raikkonen could not be two more different personalities and that was very clear in their earlier days racing each other.

“I remember Kimi used to give me the cold shoulder and I took that personally,” he said. “I would make a mental note of it, and on-track if I was ever feeling generous it was never going to be towards him.”

In the wide-ranging interview, the Renault driver also touched on his rather embarrassing moment at last year’s Azerbaijan GP when he reversed into Daniil Kvyat.

Ricciardo attempted to overtake Kyvat at Turn 3 at the Baku circuit but overran and ended up going down the escape route.

Kvyat followed him down that road.

Ricciardo reversed to get back onto the track but didn’t realise Kvyat was behind him.

Ricciardo was slapped with a grid penalty for the following race for putting both cars into retirement.

“That incident made me look like an idiot,” Ricciardo said.

“The frustrating thing is that after an incident like that you have to wait until the next race to get the people to believe in you again.

“It’s like, I want to tell everyone ‘today sucked and I made a mistake, but trust me it is going to get better’. Sometimes you have to suck it up, wait to prove yourself at the next race.

“No one is ever going to have 20-plus races with no mistakes.”

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