Daniel Ricciardo swaps 1000 horsepower for one as he arrives in COTA paddock

Thomas Maher
McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo arrives in the paddock on a horse at the United States Grand Prix. Austin, October 2022.

Daniel Ricciardo created quite a scene as he showed up at the United States Grand Prix on horseback.

The Australian is entering his final handful of races as a McLaren driver, and potentially his final days as a Formula 1 racer. But that did not stop Ricciardo from embracing his usual showmanship as he arrived in the paddock at the Circuit of The Americas on Thursday.

Ricciardo is well known for his love of the United States and how at home he feels in Texas, and he entered the paddock on the back of a horse while accompanied by a cowboy with a guitar.

The McLaren driver wore a star-spangled top and a cowboy outfit, and beamed his famous grin as he clicked his fingers in time with the music as he was met by F1 photographers and team personnel at the paddock entrance.

Daniel Ricciardo gets ‘extra energy’ from US atmosphere

Looking ahead to the weekend in Austin, Ricciardo said the US Grand Prix is one of his favourites on the F1 calendar.

“Austin, let’s go! The US GP is one of my absolute favourite races of the year,” he beamed.

“The extra energy I get from the atmosphere is immeasurable and I love everything about it. From the crowd to the food and music, it’s like nothing else. I can’t wait to get on track.

“I’m looking forward to the last four races of the season and trying everything to maximise the results to keep us in the fight for fourth in the championship.”

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