‘More chances for the big D.R.I.C.C. to come back’

Michelle Foster
Daniel Ricciardo celebrates. Italy September 2021

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo celebrates after winning the Italian Grand Prix. Italy September 2021

Daniel Ricciardo hopes the drivers will have to “wrestle” with this year’s all-new cars as he feels that would be “nice fun”.

McLaren unveiled their 2022 F1 car, the MCL36, on Friday night, revealing their interpretation of the new technical regulations.

Adopting ground effect aerodynamics, Formula 1 bosses hope that the new generation of cars will create better racing.

But what Ricciardo is hoping for are cars that the drivers have to fight as he reckons that would be fun.

“Race cars can be nice handfuls,” he told the official F1 website. “If you watch IndyCar, they’re wrestling them, especially on the road courses.

“For me I look around and say that looks fun. So, there is a nice fun and an ugly fun. I hope this is the nice fun!”

Having earned a reputation for his late-braking passes, the Aussie’s other wish is that the drivers will have to brake earlier with this year’s cars, opening the door for him to attack.

“If this allows us to be closer, to have a little bit more of a braking zone – I hope we have to brake a little bit earlier on these cars and buy ourselves a bit more distance to work with,” he added.

“I think that will promote not only more overtaking but more chances for the big D.R.I.C.C. to come back!”

At this moment, though, no one has anything but an educated guess as to how the new cars will handle.

They are expected to be a handful through slow corners while the downforce generated by the ground effect aerodynamics should make them faster on the straights.

“I think there is a lot of unknowns now,” Ricciardo said.

“I think with change definitely comes some optimism where maybe this should get me to lean on my strengths more or whatever.

“I have done a few laps on the sim, I have done a few sessions, more than a few and I think so far it has been going pretty good, so I am pretty happy with where I am at with the car at the moment but how that correlates to on track we have to see.

“I am excited for the new cars. It is going to be different to me as well.


“I mean a lot of the comparisons are to an F2 car but I never raced F2 so there are going to be a few unknowns for me as well but I am prepared and excited and hopefully, you will see me driving as free as a bird in 2022.”


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Ricciardo wants ‘nice fun’, not ‘ugly fun’

Daniel Ricciardo wants to be able to wrestle with his new car.